Joining the Forest

When we began to live here at the end of the second millenium, this ranch had already begun to turn wild. In the beginning we focused on converting the house to make it as much like our childhood dreams (YES!) as possible. Meanwhile, nature conquered our territory and we hardly disturbed it. During this time we had to reconcile our business lives with our "natural" lives and had to make regular business trips to our home cities and regions.

At the beginning of the new millennium we began to feel our roots starting to grow. We began to feel that business trips, especially, were increasingly uprooting. Looking for the best way to make a living here we decided to try to rent out rooms to guests and stabling for horses. It seemed quite easy - finish the house and convert the barn into stables, whilst, at the same time, learning about horses. All through this time we were determined not to give up on our vision.

We try to use basic local materials such as wood, stones, clay and so on. We like to give a new lease of life to old items like furniture, houses, books, curtains, handles, barns… We do it all ourselves with a little help from our friends. We rarely ask the professionals. We would never manage the costs. It has caused lots of trials, mistakes and corrections and is, of course, time consuming.

That is why it has taken us more than ten years to get our place how we want it. Annual winter trips didn't help, either.

To tell the truth there is still a lot to be done. But the guest rooms are ready, our horses and goats grow stronger, and we try to cooperate with nature in order to feed them - and maybe a little more. At the same time we keep our place quite wild; this seems to be of a big benefit for all.

So it happened; ten years passed us here. Now we want to let others know about us through the internet. We want to invite people who not only want to stay in our little place but also want to connect with the inspirational sources that we have felt, from the beginning, can be found here, in our surroundings…


Preview homestead:

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